November 2020

DFG-TRR127 will be funded for another 4 years - we are very much looking forward to determine the Immunogenicity of islets of different clinically relevant sources in a preclinical humanized mouse model, project A05 headed by our fantastic collaborative team: Barbara Ludwig, Andreas Linkermann and Claudia Waskow.

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October 2020

It is such an honor to be elected for president of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) 2023-2024. I am looking forward to serve on the GSCN executive board for the next six years and I strive to support the GSCN wherever I can.


As designated president of the GSCN (2023-2024) and as member of the executive board for the next six years, I have the opportunity to ensure that the network continues along its tradition of scientific excellence in stem cell research along with remaining THE interactive hub for stem cell research in Germany.

October 2020

Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.

(Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745)

We are very honored to be on board of the IMPULS consortium (Identification and manipulation of the physiological and psychological clocks of the lifespan) funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation to determine biological age and factors that influence the complex aging process in humans. We aim at reducing and preventing detrimental effects of immune-senescence by protecting immune cells from replication-mediated functional impairments.

June 2020

We are back in the lab!

December 2019  Public discussion,

Podiumsdiskussion im Futurium Berlin

'Lebenslänglich jung. Ziele moderner Medizin.'

(German only)

December 2019

Xmas market in Weimar

October 2019

Gulce wins a poster prize at the 3rd International Aegean Conference on Stem Cells.


2019 Published ahead of Print in First Edition:

Mende et al. is online in Blood!

We show here the molecular cross-communication between prospectively isolated non-hematopoietic niche cells in the bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells.

Please find here the link to predict cell-to-cell interactions from your own data.

June 2019 Lab orchid hike, Jena

May 2019

Organizing Committee and the winners of the best oral and best poster presentation at the NichHem Symposium in Munich

April 2019

Jacome-Galarza, Percin et al. is online in Nature!

Gulce from our group and Christian, James, and Elvira from Frederic Geissmanns group show that osteoclasts are of embryonic origin and that osteoclast maintenance throughout life requires continuous fusion with bone marrow-derived monocytes.

Press release in German

Dec 2018: Scavenger hunt

December 2018,

Percin et al. is online in Nature Communications!

Embryo-derived macrophages are required for the establishment and maintenance of a properly sized DC pool in mice.

Dec 2018: medieval Xmas market Dresden

August 2018 LabTrip to Lübbenau - paddeling in 'Spreewald'

LabTrip WaskowLab 2018
LabTrip WaskowLab 2018
LabTrip WaskowLab 2018
LabTrip WaskowLab 2018
LabTrip WaskowLab 2018
LabTrip WaskowLab 2018
LabTrip WaskowLab 2018

June 2018 Susann wins a poster price at the Wilsede Meeting 2018 (Modern Trends in Human Leukemia and Cancer)

Jan 2018 Kathrins study on the regulatory role of SETD1A in mouse  HSCs is published

May 2017  Making of the GSCN interview

March 2017  Defense PhD thesis Nicole - congratulations!

December 2016 Escape Room

August 2016 German Stem Cell Network

Female Scientist of the Year

May 2016 Jiri's PhD defense

- congratulations!

August 2015 LabTrip - one day of hiking

September 2015 Nicole presents at the GSCN satellite workshop at the DGHO in Basel

January 2015 Susann receives the Carl Gustav Carus publication of the year price - congratulations

July 2012 LabTrip - paddeling on the Elbe


July 2014 LabTrip Radeberg Brewery

June 2014 Defense PhD thesis Kathrin - congratulations!

July 2013 LabTrip - canoing on the Elbe - again

Nehir's PhD defense - 05/2013


LabTrip 2012 - canoing on the Elbe

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