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Regeneration in Hematopoiesis

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Emilie Coppin, Postdoc

Emilie explores the functional potential of human immune cells that differentiated in humanized mice to establish models of age-associated diseases.

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Claudia Waskow, Group leader, CV

'Regeneration in Hematopoiesis'

Professor for Immunology

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Stephan Culemann, Postdoc

Stephan investigates the functional role of ontogenetically distinct macrophages in homeostasis and inflammation.

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Sabrina Eichwald, Technical Assistant

Sabrina is an expert technical assistant involved in all projects of the lab.

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Julia Fröbel, Postdoc

Julia examines ways to improve ex vivo expansion of functional human HSCs for clinical use.

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2021 Laurence Heaven photo.jpeg

Laurence Heaven, Master student

Laurence screens for modifiers of aging in HSCs

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2021 Nina Henning.jpg

Nina Henning, Postdoc

Nina aims at understanding differences in hematopoiesis in young vs old mice and humans.

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Antea Jorgo, PhD student

Antea is interested in Setd1a-mediated defects in murine and human HSPCs in the context of aging.

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Anne Kresinsky, Postdoc 

Anne is focusing on pharmacological interventions aiming at promoting healthy aging.

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Melissa Krija, Technical Assistant

Melissa is an outstanding asset for the lab supporting all projects.

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Stavroula Litsiou, Ph.D. Student

Stavroula is focusing on nanoparticle-mediated delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 tools to prevent lethal inflammation after polymicrobial infection.

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Elke Meier, Technical Assistant

Elke is the most versatile member of the group providing help for virtually all projects ongoing in the lab.

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Gulce Percin, Postdoc

Gulce characterizes the origin and function of tissue-resident macrophages in mice and currently explores the communication between embryonic bone marrow macrophages and hematopoiesis.

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Marc Riemann, Postdoc, guest of the lab

Marc investigates the role of histone methyltransferases in T cell differentiation.

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2020 Gianna Savvou.jpg

Giannoula Savvou, PhD student

Gianna is interested in mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell aging.

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Susann Rahmig, Ph.D., graduation 2019, postdoc 2019-2020, now postdoc at University of Oxford, UK

Kathrin Arndt, Ph.D., graduation 2014, postdoc 2014-2017, now at Hemapathology Hamburg


Nicole Mende, Ph.D., graduation 2017, now research associate at University of Cambridge, UK

Jiri Eitler, Ph.D, graduation 2016, now postdoc at Experimental Transfusion Medicine, TU Dresden

Pamela Sabarstinski, M.Sc., graduation 2016, now at Vascular Surgery Research Lab, TU Dresden

Tania Araujo Ramos, M.Sc., graduation 2015, now PhD student at DKFZ, Heidelberg

Nehir Cosgun, Ph.D., graduation 2013, now research associate at Yale, School of Medicine, USA

Tatyana Grinenko, MD, postdoc 2010-2014, now group leader at Dpt for clinical Pathobiochemistry, TU Dresden

Malte von Bonin, MD, postdoc 2009-1011, now group leader at DKTK, TU Dresden

Henry Weisbach, M.Sc., graduation 2011, Ph.D. at Charite Berlin, now at Alpha Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Cordula Gründer, Dipl. Biol, graduation 2009, Ph.D. at UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

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